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Something I’ve been wanting to do for so long, much to the disappointment of my parents, is to get a tattoo. Up until very recently, I had none. Mostly because in my head, I have built up that getting a tattoo is this big important thing that needs to be deeply symbolic. No shade to anyone and their tattoo choices, do what you want, but as a lifeguard, I have seen some shit. Literally, I have seen a poop emoji tattoo’d on a man’s back. But the main reason why I waited, at the time, was because Disney *was very strict about any visible tattoos. Now that’s not the case since the Disney Look guidelines have changed. Side note, I thought about making a video talking about the Disney Look so if that would be something you’d be interested in watching, let me know in the comments.

For the longest time, I was 100% set on getting a palm tree along the length of the scar on my foot. The Palm Tree is like the definition of resilience, and also grows in Arizona, California and Florida, all places I have lived. To be honest, I even had the idea of adding coconuts in the shape of a hidden mickey. So this is one of those moments where I am glad I waited, but at the same time, if I don’t let go of this indecision and start with something, I was never going to get one.

Since I moved to Seattle, I had been scrolling through local artists on Instagram and I came across one here in Vancouver and became absolutely obsessed with her ever since. She does the most beautiful, detailed artwork and has inspired me to *eventually* get a ¼ or ½ sea sleeve. Lauren posts flash pieces from time to time and about a month before I planned to be in Vancouver, she posted some jellyfish and I fell in love with one in particular. 

But because my being in Canada has been significantly limited as of late, it’s been difficult to plan when to book an appointment. But since I’m officially out of quarantine and my birthday is in a week, the timing was perfect. I was very excited to get this done but also low key nervous about being able to handle the pain, so I thought I should start with something small.

I’ve heard that you’re supposed to tape the design to a mirror or some place where you’ll see it every day to keep from being impulsive but at this point, I’m actively trying not to over-think a design and just go with my initial reaction. Tulips are my favorite flower, and according to 500 tattoos dot com it symbolizes “beauty, tenderness and a real optimism.” I also loved the subtle bi vibes it gives me. So when Lauren posted a trad flower flash on her Instagram while I was here in Quarantine, I just went for it. Not to say I wasn’t an anxious mess the morning of.

The session was great, we talked the entire time, and we were also the only ones in the shop which helped a lot with my anxiety. It honestly didn’t hurt as bad as I thought and after like the first ten minutes I wasn’t even bothered by it. There were some spicy spots, but overall it was an awesome experience. So if you happen to be in the Vancouver area, check out Unity Tattoo. 10/10 would recommend. 

Now that I have it and it’s pretty much healed, I’ve almost forgotten it’s there. Mostly because of where it’s placed. But Wayde warned me that I would want more and I do. I absolutely want a sleeve or two, maybe a big thigh one. Who knows. But I’m glad I went out and did it. I am a little disappointed that I didn’t film on my phone to be able to make a TikTok with that sound. But if that’s my only regret, then I think we’ll be okay.

So I guess my hot take is, if you want a tattoo, just do it. Like be responsible about it, but you should do it. Like I said, I am glad I waited or else I would have a hidden coconut micky head but I didn’t need to put so much weight on myself or the symbolism of the tattoo itself.

TLDR; I got a tattoo

Thanks for reading & drink more water


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