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In the state of Washington, under a near constant cover of clouds and rain, there’s a small town named Forks. Unlike the opening lines of our favorite saga, our journey didn’t begin under near-constant cover of clouds, but a sunny 75º.

Now, back in high school, I didn’t exactly have my nose buried in books. But, I was reading all the classics, you know, the Harry Potter, the Hunger Games, and, of course, Twilight. I mean, what 14 year old wasn’t reading at least one of those. Well, being from Phoenix, I deeply related to Bella. I mean, she was living my teenage dream!. Little did I know that someday, I’d pack up my life and move to Washington myself. The irony of it all, right?

“I was unconditionally and irrevocably in love with him.”  – Bella Swan

So, our big adventure started with a drive from Seattle to Forks. We were on this trip as a celebration of Jordan’s birthday, and our first stop was Madison Creek Falls. I was expecting a half-hour hike through this lush forest, but it turned out to be only 5 minutes! It felt more like a leisurely stroll than a hike, but we were surrounded by moss-covered trees and waterfalls all around, you’d almost expect Edward to pop out of the shadows and sparkle at us. 

After our lightning-fast “hike”, we decided to make up for it with our next destination. We arrived at this beautiful lake and got some drinks while enjoying the view. Not the best choice, because it made the trail a bit of a workout. With uneven terrain and steep sections, the reward at the end was worth every step. Marymere Falls, cascading gracefully down the rock face, was a sight to behold. It was moments like these that made me appreciate the beauty of Washington and remind me why I moved here.

After soaking in the beauty of Marymere Falls and snapping a ton of photos, we headed to Sol Duc Falls, the grand finale of our hiking trifecta. The drive was like a scenic journey through the heart of Olympic National Park. The sun was starting to set, and the weather was cool enough to enjoy the hike without sweating buckets.

Once we arrived at the trailhead, we set out on our hike. This time, the path was a bit more forgiving, winding through the forest alongside the river. We could hear the sound of rushing water as we approached the falls and after three hikes, I was ready to be done.

Thankfully, the Falls did not disappoint. We spent some time standing on the bridge overlooking the water, taking it all in and basking in the tranquility of the moment. It was a fitting conclusion to our trio of hikes, and as we made our way back to the car, I couldn’t help but feel ready for dinner.


In the state of Washington, under a near constant cover of clouds and rain, there is a small town named Forks

♬ ac loverrmore - Ady

We headed to Bella Italia in Port Angeles. It’s technically not the exact restaurant from the book, but they are aware of the connection. Our eyes initially landed on the “mushroom ravioli” – a nod to the book/movie, no doubt. But in the end, I decided to go for the butternut squash dish. Our server, who was as gracious as can be, made the dining experience even more enjoyable. She recommended some excellent wine pairings, and we felt like we were in culinary heaven as we savored each bite of our delectable meals.

Our server brought out a tiramisu cake for Jordan as we sand happy birthday. It was such a sweet and thoughtful gesture, and it truly added a special touch to our already memorable evening. It was the perfect way to wrap up an eventful first day in Forks.

The next day marked the next chapter of our Twilight-themed journey, and we were in for another exciting adventure. Our destination was Cape Flattery, a two-hour drive from where we were staying. I happened to be the only one in our group who could drive stick. Thankfully, it hadn’t rained while driving yet, but the weather did start to shift a bit from the day before, with clouds casting a moody atmosphere over the landscape. And you know what? It added a certain mystical charm to the whole experience. It was as if the Pacific Northwest itself was playing along with our Twilight-themed adventure.

Fun fact, Cape Flattery is the northwesternmost point of the contiguous United States. The hike was an adventure in itself, with wooden boardwalks leading us through the scent of saltwater and moss-covered trees. The rugged cliffs, the crashing waves, and the sea stacks rising majestically from the water created a scene that felt almost surreal. The misty weather only added to the mystique of the place, making it feel like a location that was truly on the edge of the world. Standing there, taking in the awe-inspiring vista of Cape Flattery, we saw a few sea lions and a whale pass by us. It was absolutely stunning.

One thing we were thankful for, especially on a Friday afternoon, was that the trail wasn’t very busy. It felt like we had this enchanting place all to ourselves. As we hiked along, we made a new friend, a fellow hiker accompanied by their senior dog. It was heartwarming to see the bond between them, and we struck up a conversation at the final viewpoint. Leaving the breathtaking beauty of Cape Flattery behind, we embarked on the next leg of our Twilight-themed adventure: heading to the small town of Forks.

As we rolled into Forks, as if by some kind of supernatural intervention, it started raining. Yes, I kid you not – the heavens decided to grace us with the classic Washington rain right as we arrived in Forks. It was like the weather itself was playing its part in our Twilight-themed adventure. The misty drizzle added to the ambiance, making it feel even more like the real Forks described in the books.

Our first stop was the “Forever Twilight in Forks Collection,” a must-see for Twilight fans like us. The collection was a treasure trove of memorabilia, capturing the essence of the series. We spent about 15 minutes there, pouring over every exhibit, reliving the story, and connecting with other Twilight enthusiasts. The sense of community and shared passion was palpable, and it felt like we were part of something bigger than just a book or a movie.

A somewhat unconventional piece of the story that fans might not immediately associate with the series: Chuckesme. It’s a name that holds a special place in the hearts of die-hard fans. She is a rather unique and somewhat controversial element from the Twilight universe. In the books, it’s not a character or a place but rather a term used by the actors to refer to the animatronic baby that was meant to represent Renesmee, Bella and Edward’s half-human, half-vampire daughter. The name “Chuckesme” is a portmanteau of “Chuck” and “Renesmee.” “Chuck” was the nickname given to the animatronic baby by the cast and crew because it was often unpredictable and had a tendency to malfunction during filming. It became an inside joke among the crew.

Forks had embraced its Twilight fame wholeheartedly, and it was incredible to see how the town had transformed itself into a haven for fans. From the quaint streets to the themed shops, it was clear that Twilight had left an indelible mark on this place. 

As our Twilight-themed day in Forks drew to a close, we felt there was one more adventure that we couldn’t pass up. So, with the rain-kissed atmosphere adding to the mood, we decided to sneak in one final hike: the Hall of Mosses, located in the Hoh Rainforest. Towering old-growth trees draped in vibrant green moss created an otherworldly atmosphere.

With the serene beauty of the Hall of Mosses still fresh in our minds, we decided that the perfect way to wrap up our Twilight-themed day was to head to Rialto Beach for a captivating sunset. After all, what better way to end an adventure than with the dramatic backdrop of La Push, baby.

But before we reached the beach, we made a quick stop at the “treaty line.” This symbolic boundary marks the territory of the Quileute Tribe, a significant element in the Twilight saga. It was a moment of reflection as we considered the rich cultural history of the area and its connection to the story we had come to love.

As we approached Rialto Beach, we couldn’t help but notice the stark contrast between the beaches of the Pacific Northwest and the sandy shores we often associate with coastal getaways. Pacific Northwest beaches, true to their character, are more rocky than sandy. Instead of fine grains of sand underfoot, we found ourselves navigating a terrain of smoothed stones and driftwood.

As the last rays of sunlight disappeared beneath the waves, we knew that our adventure had come to an end. But the memories we had created, from the mossy forests to the rocky beaches, would stay with us, much like the enduring allure of the Twilight saga.

TLDR; I went to Forks, Washington.

Thanks for reading & drink more water

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