Hi, I'm Ri

I’m a Phoenix native who moved up to the beautiful gray of the Pasific North West! I love tea, video games (The Sims and Kingdom Hearts are my faves), embroidery, Ghibli movies and a good rainy day.

When I’m not writing scripts or directing videos for work, I’m probably spending time with partner and/or my dog, Benji. 

I also film, edit, and produce my own original content on a semi-regular schedule for strangers on the internet.

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AS Seen on

Here are a few places I've appeared on the internet.

I’m always looking for ways to collaborate with others to build my skills and share my message with others. 

GoDaddy Blog

I've written several pieces for the GoDaddy Blog, ranging from SEO tips to live streaming on Twitch.

Tales From The Jungle Cruise Podcast

One of my many roles with The Walt Disney Company was Jungle Cruise Skipper and I was asked (once I left the mouse) to talk about my time on the rivers of Orlando, FL.

Mentor for Monday Girl Social Club

On a volunteer basis, I have the opportunity to mentor and connect with young women starting out or navigating a career pivot.

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