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Highlighting a local Sunflower field here in Washington, it wasn’t hard to convince another photographer friend of mine to join me. We went to the Thomas Family Farm where tickets were $20 for one hour and you get to keep one flower with the cost of admission. If you want to buy more you can, but you obviously need to pay more for that.

With 19 different types of flowers in the field, there was plenty to see and we accidently spent a little more than an hour exploring everything. I had never actually seen sunflowers that big in person before and it was amazing to see.

My friend just got her first DSLR camera and asked me to help her understand some of the basics. At some point in the day, she referred to me as a “professional” and IDK it didn’t sound right and I told her that I didn’t feel that was accurate. 

I’ve been wanting to make a video talking about TikTok as a platform and the unique influence it has on not only it’s active users because I think it’s so interesting. 

For me, I’ve found a lot of useful TikToks for a variety of different things; mental health, body positivity, content creation, and social media strategy to name a few. Sometimes I come across local TikToks highlighting picturesque places near me worth exploring.

However, the legality of the platform being able to operate in the states is currently up for debate and everyone and their editor are making videos talking about it. Obviously, now is the time to talk about it while it’s still relevant but I also have low motivation around making videos for the sake of views. However, I would like to make some comparisons and explain how we don’t actually own our digital identities, regardless of how fun it is to be on these platforms.

TLDR; I took some photos of flowers

Thanks for reading & drink more water


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