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Okay, so this was not the video I was expecting to make when I placed my order. This was quite an experience and I feel like there are a few lessons to be learned here. Obviously, this video is not sponsored.

So. Up until very recently, I was still sleeping on the same full size mattress that I had since high school. As I was preparing to move, I thought, hey maybe it’s time for an upgrade but the thought of mattress shopping during a personal pan pizza was a highly unappealing one. 

Mattress shopping is miserable regardless, but I was also trying to coordinate a uhaul rental, so I had to time it just right for the mattress to either arrive at my old place to be loaded into the truck or be delivered at the new place with help bringing it up three flights of stairs. Since I had been searching the word “mattress” online for about a month before the move, I started to get all kinds of ads for purple or tuft and needle and Nectar. I mentioned this to a friend of mine who happened to own a nectar mattress and she recommended it. Since I have not had a new bed in over 10 years, I’m not very familiar with brands and what makes for a good mattress and because a lot of mattress reviews are paid for it’s hard to know who to trust. Thankfully, I was able to lay on hers before making a decision.

Well, I checked out their website, and as it turned out they were “having a sale” and a queen mattress + their sleep bundle was only $800 (plus tax). Sounded like a good deal to me, so I bought it.  Keep in mind, this was about a week and a half before I was going to move. The mattress and sleep bundle were being shipped separately but both were supposed to arrive between the 26-31 of March. Perfect.

Well the pillows and sheets arrived. The bed did not. The new est shipping date was April 2-7 so  I contacted CS to update the shipping address. Well those days came and went. It was at this point I started ranting on twitter and got the attention of their social media customer service team. Someone called me on April 8th and offered to send me a free “we’re sorry” duvet, which I accepted because duvets do be expensive and I was going to be buying a new one anyways. She told me the mattress was packed up, labeled and ready to be shipped out from their warehouse in Tennessee, they were just waiting on FedEx. She also said she would be personally monitoring my order and would be in contact every weekday until it was delivered. 

That weekend I was very excited to see a shipping confirmation in my inbox, but it was for the duvet. So not only was this thing ordered, processed but it would be delivered all before my mattress was even shipped. I responded to an email my contact had emailed on the morning of the 13th (Remember: I ordered this thing on the 21st, so this was now 17 business days later) asking for any proof of how she could “confirm it is ready and awaiting pickup from Fedex.” but before I got a response, I refreshed my order details page and wouldn’t you know it, it now said it had been shipped on March 30th and was currently in transit. Well that’s odd. So I track it on FedEx’s website and I notice a few things.


First, I was told this thing was in a warehouse somewhere in Tennessee, but according to FedEx it was being shipped from Jessup, Maryland. Next, it turns out it has been in transit since April 5th. But the most upsetting, it was going to the wrong address. I tried calling Fedex, but because I was not the sender, I could not confirm or change the shipping address. So I had no way of telling them not to deliver it to Seattle. Within 30 minutes of me discovering that my order was trackable, I got confirmation that it had been delivered to my old address. 

I was absolutely furious. So I called Nectar directly and thankfully was able to arrange for a FedEx driver to go back and pick up the package the following day. Wayde said I should have just gone and picked it up myself but I was so mad that they had screwed up so badly, I didn’t want to have to spend my time and gas to fix it.

Meanwhile, I’m basically live tweeting all of this and I received a DM from their social media team telling me,” we asked you to notify us right away if your order happens to be delivered to the wrong address”. Oh. Absolutely not. I explained I had no way of knowing it was going to the wrong address until it was too late and I asked if they were really placing the blame on me. Their response? “I’m sorry if you feel that way.” NO. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME. Anyone who has ever worked in customer service or is just a decent human knows that is the biggest ‘fuck you’ apology. Like you have to be polite, but you’re gonna be passive aggressive about it. I should know, I worked at Disney.

The following day, the FedEx pick up window was between 8am-6pm but around 3 in the afternoon I got a call from my person telling me the pickup needed to be rescheduled, shocking. On the phone, I must have been disassociating because I just said ‘okay, that’s fine’. But as I ended my work day and took my dog on a walk I got increasingly upset and ultimately decided to just go and get it myself. I sent an email asking them to cancel the pick up and that I’ll be handling this myself since they have proved incapable of doing so. 

So the next morning, after our walk, load benji up in the car and head down the road. I get a call from my contact to confirm what I was doing, that she would call FedEx and let them know to cancel the pickup and that she would call me back to confirm that I had the mattress. I arrive, and with the help of my wonderful neighbor, load the box into the car. While this is happening, a FedEx truck pulls up in front of my car. yep. He’s there to collect the mattress.

At this point, I’m not even surprised. I apologised to this man and tried to explain the situation, but even he had attitude towards me. If I wasn’t already in a bad enough mood by then, I was now. A perfect time for the Nectar CS to call me back and I basically said, yep I’ve got it, now what are you going to do to fix this situation? At this point I had been offered more pillows, sheets and mattress protectors to last me a lifetime. I already had all of those things, plus the duvet. I have everything I could possibly need for a bed. I want monetary compensation. Well turns out my friend isn’t authorized to do that, so I ask to speak to a manager. 

Now I am not a confrontational person and I absolutely despise it when people ask to speak to a manager because the feel entitled for some stupid reason. However, given how monumentally they’ve screwed up here, I was piiiiised and felt the need to stand up for myself. She said okay, I’ll have my manager call you today. Fine. we hop in the car and head home. I notice an email come through and see that the manager will be calling tomorrow. Well, 1) I’m shocked that given the situation, speaking to me was not made a priority given it was only 11am at this point 2) They were made aware that I had taken time away from work to be able to deal with it on this day 3) nobody asked me for my availability for a call on following day. Bold of you to assume. I send an email back, explaining the situation and my hours of availability to have this phone call. Supervisor responds, call is scheduled for 11am the next day.

We get home, thankfully the movers I originally hired were able to swing by and bring this 75lb box up to my apartment. Great, now it’s time to unbox this thing. Well, as I’m looking at it, I notice there are two shipping labels stacked on top of each other. I peel off mine to find someone else’s name and Oregon address. But most importantly, their tracking number.

Remember the tracking dates? Here is my tracking history, here is the original. This box was already in transit when it was canceled. Additionally, I first spoke with my CS person on the 8th and they confirmed my change of address, but it was in Arizona by that time. Now, if they had told me, “Hey, someone canceled their order, and since it was headed up that way anyways, we’re just going to send it to you” I would have thought, “great! You found a solution to my problem, well done”. But no. 

So I get it all unboxed and have my first night on an actual bed in over two weeks. Before that I was going between sleeping on the floor, a friend’s couch and then eventually an air mattress. Thank goodness this thing is actually comfortable, because I shutter to imagine what I would have to go through to be able to return it. I think I would have just shriveled up and died right there.

Anyways – the next morning, I’m hyping myself up for this call. I’m ready to lay out all the facts. I have all my receipts. Let’s. go. Now, I did record the conversation, but because of state laws, I can’t publish any of it. So here are the highlights. They ended up calling me 35 minutes late and from a different number than what was sent to me. That might sound nit picky- but I have a robokiller app on my phone and it blocks out almost every call I get. They apologize for the delay and the number and then we get into it. They’re obviously aware of everything that has happened up until now, but I did have questions about the tracking that they didn’t have answers for. I provided the old tracking number but they couldn’t see anything I already didn’t know, so clearly they came unprepared.

Eventually, I said, “it’s great to be able to look into what went wrong for future improvements, but the bed is here now, so what happens next?” I had told them I expected to be compensated for the gas it took to drive to Seattle and back, plus the cost of the movers which was $100. Not to mention the utter inconvenience of not having a bed for 14 days. So I asked for a $500 refund. TBH I know this was a high number, and planned for them to counter for something smaller. They kinda sidestepped a lot here, saying that they don’t give out refunds often but they’ll see what they can do and put me on hold. After maybe 10 minutes said the best they can do is $100.

I flat out said no, that’s not acceptable. They sounded very confused. After going back and forth and them saying, “I wish there was more I could do. I’m so sorry” I just insisted that, $100 was just not enough to make up for everything they put me through. Not to mention the privacy issue of sending me someone else’s full name and *assuming their home address. Eventually, they said they had a meeting later where they could bring this up again to see what more could be done.  I get a call a few hours later, the $100 stands. They once again offered more pillows and sheets but since they already sent me a “$180” duvet and a refund of $35 for some reason, $100 was the final offer.

Well, at this point I was so emotionally and physically drained from dealing with this situation, I figured $100 was better than nothing, and reluctantly accepted. I will say with the exception of the asshat on their social media team, everyone I spoke with was very kind and apparently my order had become a topic of conversation among their larger team. Obviously, none of them were personally responsible for shipping my mattress and I wanted to be as kind as possible because I know how shitty it can be on the other end of problems like this.

TLDR; I had a hard time buying a bed

Thanks for reading & drink more water


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