Lake 22

Granite Falls, WA

Ever since I moved to Seattle,

I’ve wanted to hike to Lake 22. If you’ve seen any local’s instagram feed, it’s hard to miss. I’ve been trying to meet new people and explore the city but during a global pandemic, where people are actively avoiding each other, it’s proven to be a bit more difficult than usual to make friends, especially in Seattle. The freeze is real ya’ll.

Thankfully, through the power of the internet, I managed to meet at least one person willing to hang out in person (but still staying 6 ft apart while wearing our masks) and she suggested we go on this hike together. I joyfully accepted to meet a complete stranger in the woods, an hours drive from my home, alone. It’s no wonder Washington state is serial killer capital.

The trail itself

is classified as “moderate” for hikers, which I’m not sure I would totally agree with because it is a bit longer (~6 miles if you hike around the lake), and can be very steep or strenuous depending on your abilities (~1,400 ft elevation change). You can take it at your own pace, but you will want to make sure you have plenty of water and don’t forget snacks. The trail to the top has waterfalls, plenty of dense moss and greenery, and lots of rock fields (is there a technical term for this? probably). Once you arrive at the top you have a stunning view of Lake Twentytwo and Mount Pilchuk. 

My hiking companion mentioned that the weather couldn’t have been better and we had a great view of area, despite a little bit of rain. During the winter, everything is covered in snow and the lake freezes over. She mentioned how awesome it is to watch as chunks of ice fall from the face of the mountain and listen as the sound cracts through the sill air. As cool as that sounds, I can’t imagine hiking up there with six feet of fresh snow on the ground. It was hard enough for me and my little foot to get up there in the first place and I’ve spent the majority of the following day feeling very sore.

However, I’m really glad I didn’t quit and she and I got along so well. We had tons of things in common and spent about 90% of the hike enthusiastically getting to know one another. Honestly, I can’t imagine spending the entire hike with someone I couldn’t have a conversation with. The remaining 10% was at the very end of the day, when I was focusing all my energy on getting to my car without injuring my ankle. My guide was very patient with me and didn’t seem to mind our frequent stops, whether it was for me to catch my breath or to snap a few photos (sometimes both), even though she was more than capable to just continue on without me.

The origin of the name

was something I was really curious about, but it seems that the widely believed theory is nineteenth-century railroad maps listed local creeks numerically; one particular creek and its source lake were assigned “22” and the name just stuck. While a little underwhelming, the view of Lake 22 certainly was not.

Planning Your Hike

The hike to Lake 22 gets crazy busy, but again I understand why. Not only is it gorgeous, but it’s relatively easy to access. The parking lot was overflowing when we drove up, so plan to arrive very early or on a weekday to easily snag a spot. Like I mentioned, as I’m sure with any hiking trip, make sure you have plenty of water and food for your journey. We saw lots of dogos on our hike, some not as friendly as others, so keep that in mind. Also, the trail is very well maintained with bridges and boardwalks throughout, however, there are many small creeks that run over the trail so waterproof shoes are a must.

TLDR; I went on a hike with a stranger and I was really sore after

Thanks for reading & Drink more water

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