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I never thought a Barbie movie could drop some wisdom bombs that hit me right in the feels, but it did and I cried. A lot. It was equal parts hilarious and heartwarming. There I was, popcorn in hand, surrounded by women, all excited to see this movie.

From the very first scenes, memories flooded back – those times when my Barbie dolls and their world were everything to me. Now, fast forward to this new chapter of my life, the themes in the Barbie movie hit me like a ton of bricks. It was like stepping into a time capsule of nostalgia and personal growth. But what really got me was the instant camaraderie. Strangers were waving to each other with a cheerful “Hi Barbie!” or “Hi Ken!” as if we were all part of some fun exclusive club. As we settled into our seats and the movie began, the energy was contagious. The theater was filled with laughter, and it wasn’t just about the on-screen jokes. It was the shared experience of being in a room full of people who were all there to relive a bit of childhood magic.

Honestly, it was refreshing. In a world that can sometimes feel a bit too serious, this was a moment of pure playfulness. We were all in on the joke, embracing the nostalgia, and just having a blast. Through shared laughter at the funny scenes and quiet sobs of understanding during the more introspective moments, we were bonding. Sitting there, surrounded by new friends, I felt a sense of belonging that had been missing for a while. It was a reminder that sometimes, it’s okay to let go of the adult stuff and let your inner kid run wild. And hey, if that involves wearing pink and sharing a giggle with strangers, count me in. 

So, in this blog post, I want to open up and share my thoughts, and the moments when this seemingly innocent Barbie movie turned into a mirror reflecting my own thoughts and struggles. 

As a kid, my room was practically Barbie-Land, with dolls in every corner and a never-ending array of accessories to match. But then came those awkward teenage years when I rebelled against all things overtly feminine. Suddenly, the dolls that once brought me so much joy became symbols of what I thought I was supposed to reject. I chopped their hair, gave them edgy makeovers, and basically tried to distance myself from everything remotely “girly.” It’s funny how life comes full circle. As I grew older, I started realizing that my childhood connection with Barbie wasn’t about conforming to stereotypes – it was about creativity, storytelling, and imagination. Those dolls had been vessels for me to explore different roles, experiment with narratives, and create my own worlds. And let’s be real, it wasn’t about abandoning my love for dolls; I simply channeled that creativity into different forms.

Watching the Barbie movie and immersing myself in that world of pink nostalgia reignited something in me. It reminded me that embracing feminine elements doesn’t mean sacrificing individuality or strength. In fact, it’s quite the opposite – it’s about embracing the complexity of being human, with all its contradictions and facets.

Admittedly, I was crying most of the movie, but especially during the scene when Barbie met the spirit of Ruth Handler, the creator of Barbie. It was such a profound moment that bridged the gap between the fantasy of Barbie’s world and the reality of her creation. Ruth’s presence served as a reminder that Barbie was never just a doll – she was a representation of a woman’s vision, her ambition, and her desire to provide young girls with more than just a plaything. For as long as I can remember, self-doubt has been a constant companion in my life. Questions about my purpose, my identity, and my place in the world often seemed to swirl around me, casting shadows of uncertainty. The movie’s portrayal of Barbie’s existential crisis felt so relatable.

Perhaps most significantly, the movie inspired me to be kinder to myself. The characters’ struggles with contradictory expectations, as highlighted by Gloria’s poignant monologue, mirrored the internal battles many of us face. The relentless pursuit of perfection and the never-ending struggle to meet conflicting standards can be exhausting. 

I encourage you to engage in conversations about the themes of the film and to share their own stories. Just as the movie prompted me to reflect on my journey, I hoped it would inspire others to connect with their own experiences and engage in meaningful dialogues about empowerment, self-discovery, and societal expectations. By sharing our stories, we can collectively navigate the complexities of life and find strength in embracing our authentic selves.

In the end, it’s our collective experiences and voices that make these reflections resonate even more deeply.

TLDR; I saw the Barbie movie.

Thanks for reading & drink more water

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