Night of 1,000 Gregs

Happy Birthday Greg!

So, you know how some people are the life of the party. Well, Greg IS the party. He has always been and probably always will be. He has thrown multiple extravagant parties for Christmas and NYE, but I wasn’t able to attend. So when he invited me to his 30th birthday party, I wasn’t about to turn that down.

To my pleasant surprise, my ex-Disney roommate Jordan was also willing to travel to attend the party with me. We all turn(ed) thirty this year, so it was a nice excuse to make time to see each other. Jordan came up to visit me in Washington last year, mostly so she could see Harry Styles perform in Tacoma, but that’s fine. However, I have not seen Greg since I left to work on Disney Cruise Line over 4 years ago.

The theme of the party, if you didn’t notice, was “Night of 1,000 Gregs”. We were instructed to dress as one of Greg’s many iconic looks. (see TikTok below) I dressed as Greg going to a “This Might Get Weird” comedy show, dressed as one of the comedians. Jordan bought the same wig, since he used the same wig in both looks, and dressed as “Rainforest Cafe Birthday Greg”.

Greg and I met on our first Disney College Program back in 2012. That means the majority of our relationship is based around Disney. We never actually worked together but he did become a Photopass photographer after I left Disneyland. He came to visit when Tony, Jordan and I went to work at Walt Disney World, and he joined Jordan and I when I was about to set sail on the Disney Cruise Line. I was even able to sign him onto the ship while we were docked in San Diego. It’s rare to keep in touch with college friends, let alone Disney College friends, but Greg is one of the good ones. Always knows how to make you laugh, but is also there for you during the hard times.

We’ve certainly seen each other at our worst (a rough night of undercooked chicken stir-fry), but have supported each other through the best of our personal journeys. Between him moving to Denver and me living in Seattle, we’ve kept in touch. I truely feel sorry for anyone not on his mailing list.

Ten years later, I’m so very lucky to still call him my friend. Some of my fondest memories of working at Disney include him (and Jordan, too). It was nice to see and catch up with old friends from the park, some who still work there to this day. This was probably the first time I had been within driving distance of a Disney park and did not go.

@hayleyepperson it was called the night of 1000 gregs 💫 #birthday #party #partytheme ♬ original sound - Hayley

TLDR; Greg turned thirty

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