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It’s my favorite time of year in the PNW! So what better way to enjoy it than with a hike and a spooky ghost photo shoot. You know, the one from TikTok? This was my first time exploring the Mt Baker – Snoqualmie National Forest, and it was absolutely stunning! We made frequent stops just to take in the view and remind ourselves that we actually live here.

I love the idea of hiking but I am very much not a hiking person. Somehow I always end up on a mountain with my friends who are super human hikers. I’ve been on a few hikes around Washington since I moved, but this was probably my favorite. I couldn’t stop taking photos every few steps, it was so fucking pretty. I’m also very thankful for my new friend Rachel and her husband to let me crash their hike. It blows my mind that this mountain is so close to where I live.

It’s also nice to get outside with people who enjoy photography as much as you, and don’t mind stopping frequently. I did make a short video with some of the footage I took, but it does not capture the full effect of standing on that mountain. These photos turned out so good! We couldn’t stop giggling any time someone had the sheet on. There were a few passers by that found what we were doing to be very amusing.

I wanted to do this last year but never got around to it. I still would like to try it out with Benji, but I don’t think he’ll appreciate the sheet very much.

While we were going on this hike with the goal of taking ghost photos, it was hard not to take photos of the nature around us. I will admit I was not the safest driver on the road that morning, as I was trying to snap a quick photo while maintaining the speed limit.

TLDR; I took some photos

Thanks for reading & drink more water


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