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Hey, so I’m in Canada. Again. I’m meant to film something before I left in Feb and one right when we got back. Shocker. But I’m halfway through my two-week quarantine and to pass the time, I wanted to talk about crossing the border when it’s closed during a global health crisis.

I think it’s important to mention, I’m not an international travel specialist. So please refer to any other official sources of information

As of October 2020, extended family members can now cross the border to Canada, provided they are staying for at least 15 days and meet existing requirements. 

If you are an extended family, you do not need a non-optional, non-discretionary reason to travel to Canada. If you are directly connected to a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, you can be exempt if you have been in an exclusive dating relationship, for at least one year and have spent time in the physical presence of that person at some point during the relationship.

So I needed a signed declaration by the Canadian (Wayde) that confirms our relationship. Then we had to send that to the Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada IRCC for written authorization for me to visit.

We submitted our paperwork in November and the best part is it’s good for multiple entries into Canada and valid for up to six months so we didn’t have to fill one out every time I want to visit. 

It requires both our signatures, so I had to mail him the documents for him to sign and then be notarized and once it’s sent in it could take up to two weeks for the Canadian government to approve. 

The rules have changed since the last time I was here. Even though I am fully vaxxed I do still have to quarantine for two weeks and this time I need to have a covid test within 72 hours of crossing, then I had one done at the border, and tomorrow I need to do this one. 

I not allowed to have any contact with anyone in the house, so I am confined to this room. Wayde brings me my food, takes Benji on walks, and to his office, it’s kinda nice actually.

I got a from the government a few days ago, confirming I had no symptoms and I was following the isolation guidelines but I also have to do daily check-ins on their app. If they were to find that I wasn’t following the guidelines, I could have been fined up to like a few million dollars and sent to prison.

The last time I was officially out of quarantine on the 28th of December, I had to eat my Christmas dinner here. We did prop the door open to the lounge so that I could at least see the others, from a safe and responsible distance.

TLDR; I’m in Canada.

Thanks for reading & drink more water


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