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Technically, I almost went on one last summer, but we couldn’t find an open spot. We drove for 8 hours only to end up back in my friend’s parking garage. Thankfully my couple friends, specifically my friend who has a boyfriend and I constantly 3rd wheel, wanted to try out some new camping gear they’ve recently purchased and invited me along.

The city was still recovering from all of the wildfire smoke, so the entire drive up to the site was blanketed in what I pretended to be fog. It’s the first time I’ve gone more than a few miles away from my house in a while, especially with the air quality being what it was. 

When we arrived, it turned out to really be fog. After setting up camp, we walked down to the water’s edge and we couldn’t see out to the other side. It was eerily beautiful. The bridge itself was under construction or else I would have gotten some neat shots of it. I intended to take a digital detox, but I didn’t 100% detox and by the end of the weekend I was back to scrolling on Twitter.

Growing up, my family would take at least one camping trip a year, usually up in northern Arizona. Last year I moved to Washington, and since I couldn’t sneak any of my parent’s gear into my car, I’ve been wanting to start acquiring my own. So, before the trip, I took a quick trip to REI and picked up a sleeping bag and mat. I ended up having the worst couple of nights of sleep I’ve had in recent memory because I’m 28 and I slept on the ground. It was still a really nice trip with great company.

While we were going on this hike with the goal of taking ghost photos, it was hard not to take photos of the nature around us. I will admit I was not the safest driver on the road that morning, as I was trying to snap a quick photo while maintaining the speed limit.

TLDR; We went camping

Thanks for reading & drink more water


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