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Since I am now a wise old sage at the age of 27, I thought it might be fun to sit down and write out a few of the life lessons I’ve acquired during my many years on this fragile Earth. 

#1 It’s okay to have grey hairs
It’s also okay to want to cover them up with some outrageous color, not because you are self-conscious, but because you can. I’ve noticed my first grey hairs at like 23 and since I’ve never dyed my hair, they’re collected and are more noticeable. Now that I have used the color depositing conditioner, they’ve turned into highlights? So that’s cool.

#2 Be genuinely happy for others
Obviously I have the capacity to be happy for people but it’s a different thing to not be jealous at the same time. To celebrate other’s successes without ulterior motives is really important for your mental health.

#3 People are going to come and go and that’s okay
Since I’ve worked on both ends of the United States and on a cruise ship, I’ve befriended people from all over the globe and maintaining those friendships after we each go our separate ways isn’t always easy. I’ve actually encountered people who refused to get to know me because I wasn’t going to be around for long. I like to think if we were friends at one point, that doesn’t change now that there’s a distance between us. I also recognize that people grow apart and maybe that friendship isn’t what you need in your life anymore. In either case, the ability to build those relationships knowing they might not last has been an important skill I’ve acquired.

#4 It is possible to wear the same pants many days in a row without washing it and no one will notice
I am not advocating for you to not wash your clothes. This actually just comes from personal experience/observation. About a month ago, I was down to only one pair of work-appropriate jeans ( I do own nice slacks but we dress very casually in my office ). I didn’t have the time or the funds to go clothes shopping so I did my best to change up the outfit to be less noticeable. I honestly don’t think anyone would have noticed

#5 Just because you think it, doesn’t mean you should say it out loud
I still struggle with this nearly every day. Since I have ADHD, one of the things I’ve been told I do is completing other people’s sentences. The worst part about this is, I’m not always current in guessing what the other person is trying to say. I like to think it’s my way of demonstrating that I understand the topic being discussed so if I can continue your thought, that must mean we’re on the same page. I’ve been made aware of how annoying this comes off, now I’m hyper-aware of when I do it. It’s usually when I’m feeling extra manic, to be honest.

#6 Self-acceptance is really, really important
Another concept I struggle with. I am easily my biggest critic when it comes to my actions & appearance. I do fluctuate from feeling fearless and confident to never wanting to come out from under my weighted blanket. I understand the importance of giving yourself a break every once in a while. It’s nice to live life out loud and not concern yourself with what people might think about you.

#7 Money is better spent on experiences rather than things
Minimalism is a really interesting concept for me right now and probably good for us as a collective group of humans on a planet that we’re single-handedly destroying. While I was moving I saw how much junk I’ve accumulated over the years and I was shocked. Things I haven’t seen or even thought about were somehow now making their way to Seattle with me. Thankfully I was able to part with a large number of things. As I get older, I like going out and doing special things more and more.

#8 Don’t shit on your home town & the people who never left it
This mostly stems from the fact that my 10-year High school reunion is less than a year away and I have a lot of conflicting thoughts about whether I should attend or not. My hometown is a typical cookie-cutter suburban neighborhood, where all the houses were varying colors of beige, much like the students of my graduating class. I knew I didn’t want to stay in my hometown any longer than I absolutely had to. I didn’t have many friends in school, but there are ones who I do still keep in touch with on a semi-regular basis and that’s all I need. For a long time, I was really self-conscious about how long it took me to graduate from college or that I was just working at a Disney theme park and not doing something more ‘successful’ with my time. Let me tell you, that’s a miserable way to look at your own life. Nobody’s path is the same. I have no idea what 90% of my graduating class is up to these days, but with the power of Facebook, I can’t imagine it would be too hard to find that out. As long as everyone is living their best lives, married with kids or teaching English in Korea, there’s no need to think less of anyone else for the path they take.

#9 Your taste in music doesn’t make you better
This one is pretty self-explanatory. I don’t keep up with the chart-toppers, mostly because my car radio hasn’t worked since 2016. I know what I like so I usually keep that on repeat.

#10 Drink more water
I’m 99% convinced that most of the world’s problems could be solved if everyone drank more water. It’s good for lubricating the joints, It boosts skin health, helps regulates body temperature, flushes body waste, and maintains blood pressure. Just, drink more water.

#11 It is okay to say no. I am an adult and I do not have to do anything
“No thanks, I don’t want to.” It is a perfectly valid reason not to do something. I know FOMO is a thing and you won’t always feel like doing a thing but you’re glad you did the thing after you did it. Listen to yourself and make educated choices.

#12 Being able to laugh at yourself makes everything a little easier
This is definitely a skill you need to work at. It’s not always easy to laugh at the dumb things you do or say, if you’re like me, that happens often. But try not to be so hard on yourself all the time and just have a good laugh and move on. Chances are nobody really noticed or cares. The quicker you can laugh about it, the sooner it’s not a thing to stress about anymore.

#13 I am hilarious.
Just ask my friends. Actually, don’t do that, they hate my jokes. (as if that’s gonna stop me from telling the same joke from 6 years ago) Their groans and displeasure fuels me.

#14 Nobody’s life is as good as their Instagram
Unfollow anyone on social media that makes you feel bad about yourself. I recently did this and it’s really improved my social media experience. It is fun to follow that ‘perfect’ influencer and see how ‘perfect’ their life, diet, or closet is, but if it’s causing you to doubt yourself or make you feel small. Unfollow, my friend.

#15 Stop waiting for the other shoe to drop
The Imposter syndrome is real and it sucks. The feeling that you’re not deserving of a thing, even though you worked your ass off for it is such a toxic mindset. When I transferred to my new job at GoDaddy, I truly didn’t think I had really earned it and that I just got lucky. My friends and family would congratulate me and make comments like, ‘wow, you’ve worked so hard for this’ or ‘you deserve to be happy doing what you love’ but that doesn’t feel like the truth. It’s been a few months now, and I’m feeling more confident in my place in my team and for the work that I am doing. There are times I slip back into those feelings, but you just have to remind yourself, you are worthy of this opportunity.

#16 Mistakes are only mistakes if you don’t learn from them
Don’t dwell on them for too long. forgive yourself and move on. We can only be better than ourselves from yesterday. It’s okay to make mistakes, we all do. Be accepting of yourself in that moment and know that you will be better next time this situation occurs.

#17 Stand up for yourself
I tend to just go with the flow of things, even if it’s not the direction I want to go. I don’t like making a scene or ask for too much for myself. Feeling small was my default setting and I got tired of it. You are given one life, one chance on this Earth, why not ask for everything you want. One of my favorite phrases is, ‘the squeaky wheel gets the grease’ because it’s absolutely true.

#18 It’s OK to not have a big group of friends
I’m lucky to have friends all over the world, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want the stereotypical large group of long term friends I can just call up and hang out with. Moving to Washington has been a little difficult without my typical support system around. I’ve become quite the introvert and I love my cozy little apartment so that’s made it difficult for me to even walk to the bottom of my street and have a beer with complete strangers. But that’s okay.

#19 Make self-care a priority
Whatever that looks like for you. If it’s just putting lotion on after a shower, great. I enjoy sleeping with a frozen face mask because I think it’ll make my under-eye bags disappear. When I’m stuck in my head with my anxiety and find it difficult to just leave the house, I take it one step at a time from brushing my teeth and picking out my favorite socks. Doing little things for yourself through the day can really improve your mental health.

#20 Start saving money
You will thank yourself later, I promise. I have an automatic deposit each month to my savings account to be used for emergencies only.

#21 Clean your damn room
I used to not care about having a clean room, but now that I have my own apartment and I love coming home to a clean place. Although, I do hate doing dishes and laundry is a pain since it’s on a different floor. Still, I feel better and more productive with a clean and nice smelling place. The same goes with my desk at work. I’ve had cubicles/desks to myself before but this is my first salary position so this desk has a little more weight to it. With that, I feel a responsibility to have a neat and clutter-free desk.

#22 Be present
Accept that not everything needs to be filmed or tweeted about. I had just gotten burnt out because when I do film something with the intent to post it on YouTube, I’m constantly editing the video in my head while I’m filming. That becomes exhausting and takes me out of the moment. When I moved to Seattle, I saw the potential to film the process but I wanted to be present because this was a big moment in my life and I wanted to truly experience it.

#22 Be present
Accept that not everything needs to be filmed or tweeted about. I had just gotten burnt out because when I do film something with the intent to post it on YouTube, I’m constantly editing the video in my head while I’m filming. That becomes exhausting and takes me out of the moment. When I moved to Seattle, I saw the potential to film the process but I wanted to be present because this was a big moment in my life and I wanted to truly experience it.

#23 Try a totally different type of food you’ve never tried before
Sort of random, but don’t be afraid to try new foods. Plain and simple.

#24 Crying feels really good
Don’t be afraid to feel your feelings. If crying is how you do that, there’s no shame. I feel immensely better after letting it loose.

#25 Therapy is a good thing
I started going to sessions in college and it really helped me through some tough times. It was difficult to get started and then to change therapists a few times. Opening up to a stranger about all the dumb shit that goes on in your head can be hard but it’s worth it.

#26 Everything happens for a reason
I’m not entirely sold on the idea that fate is a thing, but I do believe that actions yield consequences.

#27 Communication is key
Telling people how you feel is just a good basic human thing to do, don’t waste anyone’s time. Also, Flaking on people is not cool.

TLDR; I turned 27, and I had some thoughts

Thanks for reading & drink more water


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