Gianna Alexis

I met Gianna through her YouTube videos, and we got to know each other pretty well since we made similar content at the time. We had both recently ended our contracts after working on the Disney Cruise Line (on separate ships) and had made videos documenting our experiences.

She reached out to me looking to update the look and feel of her channel and other social media platforms. When it comes to re-branding, this process can be difficult, because she had already been creating content for some time and had an established brand identity, but I was excited to help her out. 

The first step for recreating a whole new brand for Gianna was to define what her current brand identity was. This would involve looking at what kind of videos she made, what her personal style is, etc. From there, she needed to figure out if she wanted to keep some aspects of her old brand, or if it should just be completely changed. After figuring all that out, we got to work.

The deliverables included a full brand kit, including two different logos, color palette, font pairings, animated logos, and Photoshop templates for YouTube thumbnails and social media posts. I created a zip folder with all of her assets, so that she would be able to use them to create content on her own.

We also worked through some YouTube best practices, like keyword research, metadata and other aspects of her channel. I also helped her with the design of her videos, making sure they were eye-catching and not too long.