Get Baked With Jenn

Jenn and I met in college, but life took us in different directions for a few years. Then we found ourselves living in Seattle (18 miles apart) in 2019 and became even closer friends as a result. She is a fantastic person and baker, always in the kitchen cooking up something delicious. While everything was shutdown, we came up with the idea to create a video series around getting baked in both meanings of the word. 

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I had such a blast filming this one and only episode with my best friend in my tiny Seattle studio. We were laughing the whole time and had tasty cupcakes to eat at the end of it. Jenn and I had every intention of continuing to make “Get Baked With Jenn” videos. So, I created a brand kit for the series.

Starting with two different logos, some graphic, color palette and font pairings. We couldn’t choose between the two logos, even thinking about which would look better embroidered on an apron. Unfortunately, we didn’t keep up with the project, and this was as far as it got.

All things considered, it was a great way to flex my creative muscles. It may have been too big of a project for both of us to take on, but it was fun to try it out and pretend to be famous YouTube foodies.