Night of 1,000 Gregs

Youtube Instagram Twitter Twitch Happy Birthday Greg! So, you know how some people are the life of the party. Well, Greg IS the party. He has always been and probably always will be. He has thrown multiple extravagant parties for Christmas and NYE, but I wasn’t able to attend. So when he invited me to […]

Seattle Pride 2022

Youtube Instagram Twitter Twitch Happy Pride! This is my second year walking in the Seattle Pride Parade. In 2019 I joined a friend and walked with Microsoft, but this year GoDaddy had a spot in the parade route, and I couldn’t have been more proud. It was so fun walking with my friends and coworkers […]

The Shchnansen’s

Youtube Instagram Twitter Twitch Hey, long time no see! I’ve been taking a burn out break and have been quieter than usual on my social platforms lately. However, one of my dearest friends got married this year, and I was honored to be one of her bridesmaids. I was a bridesmaid in my cousin’s […]

Behind the Scenes of a Ghosty Photoshoot

Youtube Instagram Twitter Twitch It’s spooky season! It’s my favorite time of year in the PNW! So what better way to enjoy it than with a hike and a spooky ghost photo shoot. You know, the one from TikTok? This was my first time exploring the Mt Baker – Snoqualmie National Forest, and it was […]

I Finally Did It – My First Tattoo

Youtube Instagram Twitter Twitch I got Ink’d Something I’ve been wanting to do for so long, much to the disappointment of my parents, is to get a tattoo. Up until very recently, I had none. Mostly because in my head, I have built up that getting a tattoo is this big important thing that needs […]

Quarantining In Canada

Youtube Instagram Twitter Twitch 14 Day Isolation Hey, so I’m in Canada. Again. I’m meant to film something before I left in Feb and one right when we got back. Shocker. But I’m halfway through my two-week quarantine and to pass the time, I wanted to talk about crossing the border when it’s closed during […]

My Nectar Mattress Nightmare

Youtube Instagram Twitter Twitch Buying A Bed Online Okay, so this was not the video I was expecting to make when I placed my order. This was quite an experience and I feel like there are a few lessons to be learned here. Obviously, this video is not sponsored. So. Up until very recently, I […]

I’ve Been Lying To You

Youtube Instagram Twitter Twitch I’ve Been Lying to you Hi I’m Ri and back in 2016, my university’s bookstore posted a graduation cap decoration contest on Twitter and I won. Mostly because I was the only one who entered but I thought it was pretty well decorated. I even made a video about it.  And […]

I Gave In And Adopted My Foster Dog

Youtube Instagram Twitter Twitch To Keep or Not to Keep The foster dog delema In October, I took home a foster pup, a 4-year-old Shepard mix named Benji, and I was having trouble deciding whether or not to adopt him. I am clearly not in the best physical condition, and he has the potential to […]

All Your Burning Camping Questions, Answered

Youtube Instagram Twitter Twitch I finally went on my first PNW camping trip. Technically, I almost went on one last summer, but we couldn’t find an open spot. We drove for 8 hours only to end up back in my friend’s parking garage. Thankfully my couple friends, specifically my friend who has a boyfriend and […]