Toy Story 4, Trash?

Youtube Instagram Twitter Twitch Am I Trash? A Review Of Toy Story 4 Spoilers, duh. I was only 3 when the first Toy Story was released in November of 1995 and I have so many fond memories of watching it with my family or by myself on repeat. That VHS was so worn, to this […]

Crew Cabin Fever

Youtube Instagram Twitter Twitch Ship Life​ Crew Cabin​​ Fever I first set sail on April 27th, 2017 on the Disney Fantasy. At the time of posting this, the Disney Fantasy is the newest and biggest ship in the Disney fleet. The rooms are the same sex, but the floors are co-ed. I lived in the […]

I Quit

Youtube Instagram Twitter Twitch I Quit That’s it. That’s the blog. I worked as a Crew Member on the Disney Cruise Line for three consecutive contracts between two ships. While I don’t want this to come off disrespectful, I also want to be authentic to what I thought and how I felt and also not […]

Disney Crew Cruise

Youtube Instagram Twitter Twitch Disney Crew Cruise What did the crew do during a hurricane At approximately 7:30 pm EST on September 5th, Commodore Tom made an announcement from the bridge stating that the Disney Fantasy will be canceling the rest of the current cruise. At which point, Guests will disembark and once cleared, the […]

Moving To The Pacific Northwest

Youtube Instagram Twitter Twitch Moving To The Pacific Northwest. As of May 1st I have officially become a Seattleite! I was given an incredible opportunity to do what I love in a new city. My new job is an absolute dream and they moved me to Washington State so that I can be closer to […]

Desert Dweller

Youtube Instagram Twitter Twitch Desert Dweller What are the perks of working on Disney Cruise Line? As someone who was born and raised in Arizona, I definitely take living in the valley of the sun for granted. Hiking and camping are things I enjoy doing from time to time when the sun isn’t threatening to […]

I’m Turning Down The Interview

Youtube Instagram Twitter Twitch I’m Turning Down the interview with disney Six months ago, I was on my friend’s couch in San Francisco, furiously applying to jobs (mostly Disney ones) on my laptop. While I was enjoying a much needed rest, I couldn’t help but worry about my next steps. Fresh off the ship, unemployed […]

Happiest Day Of My Life (so far)

Youtube Instagram Twitter Twitch The Happiest Day Of My Life So Far This past year was a wild one for me. One of my absolute favorite moments from my final contract with Disney Cruise Line was the day I flew in a helicopter to go dog sledding on the Denver Glacier in Skagway, Alaska. I […]

A Visit With A Friend

Youtube Instagram Twitter Twitch A Visit with a friend This weekend I met up with an old friend from my time as a photopass photographer at Disneyland in 2012.We hadn’t seen each other since the night before I left Anaheim to move back to Phoenix, which was about 5 years ago. We hadn’t kept in […]